Myths About Life Insurance

Myths About Life Insurance

Myths About Life Insurance – Low public awareness to buy an insurance product is due to allegations of loss or discretion to be gained if you purchase insurance products. Is that right?
This needs to be straightened out. Life insurance is an important part of financial planning. However, if misunderstandings about life insurance can prevent people from benefiting. Later, when there is a problem, he just realized should have long joined in life insurance.
In order for you not to gossip or people’s conversations about life insurance (which is not necessarily true), you should first identify the myths about the most popular life insurance.

1. People who are young and single do not need insurance.

is there anyone who losses when we die? However, although we do not rely on others, we are still going to leave a credit card debt, mortgage, cash loans, up to the cost of the funeral. especially for our child who pays for all those needs.
Life insurance policies will generally cover these costs. The sooner, or the younger you buy insurance, you can get a lower. Insurance will also guarantee the costs that you spend if one day you have health problems.

2. Only people who have children who need insurance.

According to Michael Bonevento, senior financial advisor at Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc., those who marry and marry a child, or marry a child with special needs, may have an obligation to buy insurance.
However, there are many instances where singles also have insurance. When he comes from a poor family, he can leave insurance claims for his family in case of trouble to him. So he took out insurance to make sure his family did not have financial problems when he died.
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3. If the company has provided insurance, why buy insurance again?

Many companies provide life insurance or health insurance for their employees, whose value may be equivalent to your salary a year. This may be a benefit to you, but what if you do not work again in the company?
Do not you can not predict when you will experience the risks that may occur? What if suddenly you have to be hospitalized? It may be too late if you just bought insurance when you need it to anticipate the possible money losses arising from that risk.

4. Life insurance is generally too expensive.

When going to buy insurance, you will be given the option of a fee that suits your abilities. The insurance chosen by a young person would be lower than the established person. In addition, in addition to being paid yearly, there is also insurance that can be paid monthly. The value of this insurance you can improve when your financial condition better.

5. Housewives do not need to buy insurance.

You may not have any income, but you certainly have to provide the facilities needed by the family. For example, child health, food and clothing needs, home care, etc.
If the husband suddenly dies, or unable to work again, these needs you must meet yourself. Well, life insurance can guarantee your security when the couple is no longer present to meet your needs.
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6. Buying insurance is complicated.

It takes time to process your insurance purchases, including your insurance request approval. But now the financial planner or insurance agent has made it easier.
That is, they come to you and take care of everything. If it is less clear with your rights and obligations, you can also access it yourself on its website. You can also compare yourself with other insurance products. If still not clear, you can schedule another meeting with your insurance agent.

7. If I take life insurance, that means I do not believe in God’s protection.

When we leave the car/house, do we lock the door or not? If we believe in God’s protection, surely we do not need to lock the door at all, because God will keep it for us.
God gives the mind & mind to human so that people can think. Just as God gives the mind that we want to lock the door of the car/house when leaving it and not make God as the keeper of your house/car, then God also gives reason to us so that we can protect ourselves from the unexpected by taking protection insurance and do not blame God when something happens to you.
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8. Join the life insurance that means I will soon die.

If all life insurance customers die soon after joining insurance, then the insurance company would have gone bankrupt since the first, because how can pay claims customers whose value is not worth the premium paid.
It is precisely the fact that most long-term insurance customers are being prayed by all employees and insurance agents, so that next year and subsequent years customers can keep paying their insurance premiums so that they can still work and pay the company.

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