How Choosing an Insurance Agent

Choosing an Insurance Agent


The Things to consider before choosing an insurance agent

How Choosing an Insurance Agent – The accompanying insurance agent sometimes creates inconvenience. Not a few who equate insurance agents with salesmen. Bring with brochures, talk, and sweet stock promises if the product is the best.
We can not blame. The core of insurance agents does sell insurance products. The goal is to get as many customers as possible. Some offer sympathetic, unfortunately, there is also a combination of spice-intimidating.
Regardless of the minus and plus, the presence of insurance agents is still needed. They are the bridge between customers and insurance companies. Every product purchase, inevitably through an insurance agent.
As a result, choose an insurance agent that fits perfectly with homework. Understandably, buying insurance is not like buying hotcakes. It involves financial and long-term affairs. Not to mention the money spent was not a little
Many factors must survive before deciding. Think of it like looking for a life partner. There are criteria that must be full first. Want to know what it is?

1. Got a license

A professional Insurance Agent must have an official license. The license is like an important letter indicating the insurance agent already has the knowledge, training, and explanation of products to be sold.

2. Have an insurance policy on sale

How would a prospective customer want to trust the insurance offered if his or her insurance agent does not have one? Next, how did he understand the same product if not ‘feel’ own benefits
So, insurance agents are sure to have a product already sold. That way, he can share his experience about the product. It would be funny if he offered insurance products but he did not own them.

3. Experienced

The Experienced are not solely fixed on the old or not the insurance agent dabbling in his profession. But measure from how many customers are successfully invited.
In addition, he also received minimal complaints from customers. This can indicate the insurance agent is reliable enough and can be trusted if in the future take care of claims from customers.

Even so remains critical because insurance agents that have many customers sometimes make the attention to one customer less than the maximum. 

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4. Understand Financial Planning

It is not absolute, but ideally, an insurance agent understands the world of financial planning. It should be noted that the products it sells are part of financial planning.
Customers can get clear input if the insurance becomes a strategy to achieve financial goals. That goal can be realized without fear of being disturbed in the event of a disaster that causes financial loss.
On the other hand, he will also help calculate the amount of premium so as not to disturb the financial cash flow of prospective customers.

5. Understand the products offered

The insurance agent ideally is the ‘omniscient’ about insurance. From A to Z, he can explain very well. In addition, the explanation is also not only on benefits of insurance, but also give consideration to prospective customers. Especially around risk.
Insurance agents are not merely ‘selling’. He should be able to give new knowledge about insurance and risk of prospective customers. The ultimate goal of the insurance agent’sexplanation is not always the purchase of the product. For those with integrity, he or she can admit that the product does not match the profile of the prospective customer.
Once the agent’s explanation is confusing, it is enough to turn to another agent.

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